Don`t neglect an ear infection as the condition may become serious. It is possible to just brush off a slight pain in the ear as a minor passing ailment, but you are advised not to do so. All signs indicate that it could become serious if you don`t visit a specialist as soon as possible. Take the required medication and do not ignore any discomfort that you might feel in your ears.
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Today is a day to choose to rest and relax. It`s not a day to be lazy and sluggish, but instead a day when you should focus on getting caught up on your sleep and your mental and physical downtime. This time of rest and relaxation will do your mind, your body and your mood good.

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Today you will be in a positive frame of mind. You`ll want to exercise and get your mind and body back on track. It`s time to get back into shape after indiscriminate eating and watching TV. Don`t keep giving yourself one more half hour on the couch when instead you could get up on that treadmill. You will definitely feel better after thirty minutes in the gym than other thirty minutes at home.
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