Capricorn Personality

Capricorn, you are extremely practical and resourceful and are very wise, often mature beyond your years. If there were to be a mantra that represents you it would be, “I economize.” You are an expert at using time well, and may be a meticulous planner. You have your own way of doing things Capricorn, and you can be stubborn when it comes to your methods and decisions. At the same time Capricorn you don't make decisions lightly, and you can be sure that you have thought every factor through. Your methods too are refined, and when this is combined with your immense drive, patience, and aggressive ambition, you are bound for success.

You are a hardworking sign Capricorn, and often your life is centered around your well planned goals. You are also extremely disciplined, and your attention for quality means you usually prefer to get the job done yourself. Capricorn, this can also be your downfall, and you set extremely high standards for yourself, which are often unattainable. Even if you obtain them you will set higher definitions, and will never be satisfied. You can also come across as being self-centered, and should aim for a balanced life outside of work. Power, status, and social standing may be important to you Capricorn, and you do have a love for money.

Your meticulous and almost pre-planned and practiced approach to life sure does get you places Capricorn, but other people can see this as being cold and emotionally detached. Deep down of course you experience emotions like everyone else, but you are unlikely to show it, even to those close to you, apart from perhaps in the occasional moody outburst. Apart from this you make very good company, and can be witty and talkative, though Capricorn can be a little shy. You are more likely to come into yourself later on in life, perhaps towards the 30 year mark, as Saturn sets a slow and steady pace to your fruitful development. Despite this Capricorn, your wisdom and maturity however, are present from an early age.

  Capricorn likes the simpler things in life and you can never impress a Capricorn with flashy stuff. They like people who are subtle in their approach and style. They appreciate honesty and efficiency. You value tradition and respect what your ancestors have left behind. You believe in continuing the legacy and enhancing your family name. You are close to your family and would do all you can to make your loved ones happy. You take pride in the achievements of your friends and family.


  Capricorn dislikes attending parties where people engage in loud conversations. They prefer quiet places where they can relax without being disturbed. They don't like people who are careless and shallow. They expect everyone to stick to the truth and be fair. Capricorn does not like shopping unnecessarily. They are careful spenders and like to keep their expenses to the minimum. 

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