Capricorn Man

 Preface: The overly ambitious Cardinal Capricorns. Mature Sea-Goats
Capricorn traits in male dominate their being. They are known to build a wall around themselves and allow very few people inside. This is because they are very conservative and always believe in actions more than words. Protecting their emotions is their priority because they remain practical in every aspect of their life. 

Capricorn man will never fall for a shallow individual. They stay away from materialistic things and people in general. They are deep personalities and look for something having the same value. More weightage is given to character and intelligence while they are searching for someone to spend their time with. Due to their high work ethics and hard-working nature, they prove to be the best leaders. They are always motivated to work better and reach extremes.

They can sometimes act very stubborn and pessimistic. But that is mostly because they take their time with people. If they are in a comfort zone around a group, they can show their fun-loving side too. But they are not very eager to show it, they take time to open up.

Capricorn Man Traits and Characteristics:

Capricorn man is generally very mature and hardworking amongst all other zodiacs. They always remain motivated in their lives and keep moving ahead with passion and determination to achieve greater heights. Capricorn man’s traits are basically strong, wise, and free nature. Capricorn man is extremely serious in what they do but they have a funny side too, with a great sense of humour. They lighten only in the presence of their closed ones, whom they trust.

They are workaholics and aim to please. Capricorn traits in a man include being substantial. They don't like a lot of changes in their lives. They need to be in control always and like to feel superior in either their professional or private life.

Capricorn man’s main characteristics are that they believe in themselves. That is why they are very sure of their qualities and work. They can impart great wisdom to you, only if you are open to being an initiator. They are never impulsive and like to have stability in what they do and think. Capricorn man is very patient and thus proves to be a very committed individual from time to time.

Capricorn Man in Love

The kind of love a Capricorn man does is very subtle. They are not very romantic people but they respect relationships. They are very loyal and always look for the same thing in the other individual. They don't like playing and fooling around, thus they are very clear about their intentions from the start itself. Capricorns believe in giving and taking every other emotion, be it solace, respect or privacy. They can’t handle loud people, specifically those who are very much into themselves and into shallow stuff and things. 

It is in Capricorn Man's personality that they don’t depend easily on anyone. They like to keep things in their own hands. The same expectation they have from their partners. They need someone who has a spine. Capricorn Man in love has a passion for giving mental and physical satisfaction to their loved ones. 

If you are impatient then maybe you will not be able to lure a Capricorn Man. Like other Earth signs, Capricorns take time to open up in front of someone. They just don't let anyone into their lives randomly. But they do need love like any other individual. It just takes the right person to see through the unemotional Capricorn trait in a Man, reaching the soft unexplored section which very few people have seen.

They are family people and thus believe in long commitments. Capricorn man is an extremely reliable being and believes in taking responsibilities.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Other Signs

Capricorn characteristics in a man make them highly compatible with signs like Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio. All these signs can balance the organized and disciplined life of a Capricorn man. Pisces is considered to be a great match for Capricorn. They are extreme opposites of each other and thus have great chemistry from the very start. A Capricorn feels safe with a Pisces as they allow the Capricorn man to leave their stubbornness and open up to them. 

They are least compatible with Aries and Libra. Aries can irritate a Capricorn with their behaviour. And a Libra can prove to be overly critical over the ways of a Capricorn man, leading to more coldness from each side.

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