Virgo female Love Relationship with Libra male

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This combination of a Libra woman and a Virgo man will find marital bliss with a little difficulty. Gentle and courteous as they are by nature, Virgos are definitely well armed with sharp, pointed pins and needles, which can very well deflate the ballooning happiness and benevolent bubbles of a Libra. Virgos excel in the department of correctional criticism. The typical Virgo is a quiet, peaceful soul and will accept Libra`s logic, long discussions and cheerful optimism for a long time before applying his needles and pins. If the typical Virgo man does not shower on his Libra lady all the attention and affection she seeks every moment, she should try to be fair in judging his gentle heart and pure motives, and show some compassion for his often-troubled thoughts and understand that his compulsion to criticise contains the seeds of a new kind of freedom for himself and their relationship. There is hope though, Libra looks for peace and harmony and is likely to do well with the Virgo man who is a perfectionist in his own right. A home or an office where Virgo and Libra blend their auras is usually graced with a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

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