Virgo female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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The disorganised Taurus puts off the neat and tidy Virgo. Virgo admires Taurus` strength of purpose, although he has little time for the bull`s stubbornness. The Taurean does not like criticism, the sharpest weapon of Virgo. If she does not like being nagged, Virgo will not prove to be her ideal soul mate. Bulls generally have lots of patience, while Virgos usually lack it. Virgos are generally introverts who prefer their own company and this often creates problems for the bull girl`s sense of security. The Virgo male will more often than not criticise the bull`s obsession with material comfort, as it contrasts with his own frugal and Spartan lifestyle. With both being earth signs, there will be much common ground for these two. Both Virgo and Taurus desire material success and security. The one drawback being that Virgo is normally in control of his emotional expression, while Taurus thrives on deep emotions and could perhaps overwhelm Virgo. Its not easy to please a Virgo, but the Taurus girl comes closest to doing it when she touches his sceptical heart with her own special kind of warm, unselfish devotion.

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