Virgo female Love Relationship with Aries male

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In more than one sense, this combination is very similar to the Aries-Gemini one. Virgo being ruled by Mercury does not blend well astrologically with the Martian tendencies of Aries. Virgos find too many faults and are too precise for the Aries personality. Where Virgo is logical and analytical, Aries is likely to become impatient. Though there are many relationships between these two signs that do work out very well, making one run smoothly is a constant challenge. Virgos want a well-ordered existence and would not like Aries authoritarianism one bit. If Aries allows Virgo the required room or freedom, acknowledging and using his virtues of intellect, precision and logic, the two can make for a dynamic relationship. The very things that make this team bad could have an opposite effect too! Also, if Virgo allows Aries the leadership that she is so capable of, you may have a relationship where one is the `brains` and the other the `brawn`. Aries-Leo friendship is a magnificent but intimate relationship requiring some effort and understanding. Let`s say, it is all a question of how accommodating the two can be in love.

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