Virgo female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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Finding anything resembling compatibility would be hard for this combination. Both have a tendency to end-up with a battle of the wits, with both opponents evenly matched. Both partners would be stubborn and rigid in their viewpoint and would grudgingly, if ever, agree with the other`s point. Each would exaggerate the faults of the other. Small and mundane problems in life, that most people gloss over as not being worth the time and effort spent fretting over, assume huge proportions for virgins. Perhaps both will nag the other to death. At best, it would be a commonplace marriage, with the possibility of husband and wife talking each other to distraction. The success of a Virgo-Virgo relationship would depend on their mutual ability to recognise and correct their own faults and acknowledging them frankly. One of the things Virgins seem to forget is that love means totally accepting another person with all the quirks, flaws, goofs and eccentricities. If this becomes clear to them, they should have a reasonably comfortable, even if commonplace marriage.

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