Virgo female Love Relationship with Cancer male

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Virgo`s demands may prove a bit too much for Cancer`s desire for peace and quiet. The full, affectionate libido of Cancer will not be completely satisfied by Virgo`s direct approach to the practical matters at hand. Cancer is sentimental, reticent and even shy about sex matters, and this can be very frustrating to the Virgo temperament. Once Cancer goes into her shell, all the tongue-lashing and nagging of Virgo will not bring her out. This could drive the Virgo mate into a state of hysteria. If the crab girl becomes grouchy, you may find the Virgo man turning extremely critical. Virgo feels comfortable and secure in the encompassing presence of the crab. Both Cancer and Virgo are very dependable, who take all their obligations seriously. Overall, a good possibility, if a few common aspects are thrown in. Cancer will appreciate Virgo`s care and attention to detail, although she may not appreciate his critical eye, especially when that criticism is aimed at her, for she as a rule takes things to heart. Virgo will appreciate the loyalty and sincerity of Cancer, but will need to be a little more demonstrative of his affection towards her.

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