Virgo female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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Pisces is the very opposite of Virgo. It`s not so much that Pisces and Virgo are at war with each other, but each one of them possesses certain qualities that the other lacks, envies and would like to acquire. Often, a Virgo man loses all his self-control with the Pisces woman who`s won his heart. As for her, just the knowledge of the peace that she brings to him fulfills her. Pisces and Virgo love so completely perhaps because they sense their dreams are warm and safe with each other. They`re both mutable, so it will be easy for them to talk about their problems and that means a huge boost to the relationship. The Virgo man shouldn`t excessively stifle his mate`s generous impulses because of his own obsession with thrift and should make a genuine effort to be a loser, both with money and feelings. A Piscean woman can`t remain in love with a man who`s stingy, either with his cash or his emotions. It would gradually turn her frigid. If he wants to keep her happy, he`ll have to learn to relax and stop criticising her when she`s trying to please him. The Piscean woman is timid and tentative, uncertain and dependent, needing his strong shoulders to lean against. The Virgo man has to use his patience and understanding to cope with the moody and sentimental Pisces woman.

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