Scorpio female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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The combination sometimes belongs to the mutual admiration society. The Virgo mind is very fascinated with the mysterious and intriguing Scorpio. Of all people, the Scorpio man is the most likely one to curb Virgo`s tendency to sulk. Scorpio has brilliant powers of analysis and can side-step controversial issues before they become grounds for an argument. Virgo will have to refrain from provoking and criticising her Scorpio lover too much or else she might hurt Scorpio`s pride. This combination will be happy and enduring. The only problem here is on the emotional side. Scorpio thrives on emotions and Virgo subdues them. While most people may think the Scorpio man undemonstrative and cold, once they fall in love, the Virgo girl will truly discover the depths of his passion. Some may consider the Virgo girl to be analytical and unemotional, but once in love, she will reveal the tender and poetic side of her nature that others seldom see. Both Virgo and Scorpio tend to reserve their real selves for that someone special, a love that is for keeps, and the two of them could be ``that someone special`` for each other.

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