Scorpio female Love Relationship with Leo male

Kundli Matching

Both these sun signs have a secret desire to dominate. One thing that Leo and Scorpio share is an honest respect for one another. Most Leo women and Scorpio men are more evenly matched. In this combination, two shining personalities join together. Scorpio is sensitive and can instinctively sense when Leo is hurt. Scorpio can be very respectful and loyal to Leo. From no other sun sign will the lioness receive so much loyalty and devotion. However, both have stubborn natures and a secret desire to dominate. The Leo female can often be too demanding for her Scorpio lover to handle. Jealousy plays a major role in family quarrels. Basically, this should make for one of the most compatible combinations but without some mutual give and take, there may be a rocky road ahead. Once the Leo woman and the Scorpio man have found that mutual goal, one that fits both their dreams, and pursue it together, they can perform the magic of combining passion and power to turn misery into miracle. If she is able to appreciate the emotional security and exceptional devotion he offers her and he can truly value her warm, generous and sunny spirit, they can overcome the astrological square of tension and conflict to create an amazingly strong tie that binds.

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