Scorpio female Love Relationship with Gemini male

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In Scorpio, Gemini has found a mate that can surpass her urge for action. Gemini is more than a match from a mental standpoint, but from a sexual and physical viewpoint, she is too modest to meet Scorpio`s demands. A Scorpio male feels intensely and passionately about sex and might not like her experimental attitude in this matter. Scorpio is a fixed sign having an amazing self-control. This very quality of his can cope with her ever-changing moods along with her absent-mindedness. Gemini desires freedom of action. Her willingness to interact with many people at one time will clash with the jealous and possessive nature of Scorpio. Scorpio male is very sensitive and the reckless Gemini might not even realise when she hurt his feelings. Some Gemini-Scorpio combinations may work out fairly well if the sun-moon aspects between them are harmonious. Otherwise the pure Gemini-Scorpio alliance can be quite explosive. An air sign with a water sign. These two will have some difficulty rectifying their innate natures. Love conquers all. Then again, too much of it can sometimes be stifling.

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