Scorpio female Love Relationship with Aquarius male

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A love affair or a marriage between these two is never going to be anything less than highly educative, enlightening and interesting. The Aquarius woman and the Scorpio man who love each other will place their careers first on their list of goals. Secondly, the most important thing in their life will be security. Both are born detectives, and neither can stand not knowing what makes the other tick. Unpredictable Aquarius is sometimes too much for the solid Scorpio temperament. Aquarius has many outside interests and this does not sit well with Scorpio. Aquarius is too reserved for the passionate Scorpio. Humanitarian instincts are what Scorpio admires in an Aquarian, but Scorpio has no interest in sharing them with the world. The Scorpio man wants to possess the Aquarius woman while she wants to own the world. An Aquarius woman is always ready with a change of pace, a change of mind or a change of conversation. Scorpio doesn`t shift so easily from one gear to another, as he is equipped with enough patience and forbearance to successfully tune-in to her changing attitudes, when he makes the effort. Without some extremely mature adjustment it will be difficult to rectify the inherent differences in each other`s nature.

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