Scorpio female Love Relationship with Cancer male

Kundli Matching

Masterful Scorpio should make a good mate for soft-spoken Cancer. The Cancer girl always wants to be appreciated and the Scorpio man, with his penetrating insight would understand her as well as appreciate her. While jealousy may plague both from time to time, their mutual ability to love deeply will usually limit periods of dissension. Crabs show very little ego. Scorpio has a great deal of self-control and hence is well equipped to cope with Cancerian moods. Excess energy, which Scorpio emanates, will act as a strong tonic for Cancer`s reticence. Scorpio and Cancer could well prove to be the ideal marriage combination. Scorpio is an intense and passionate lover; well matched with the romantic and sensitive crab girl. This makes their physical relationship extremely delightful. Both are ruled by emotions, as both are water signs. They can be very constructive or very destructive, depending on the next wave. If only water signs could learn to float instead of surging. After a quarrel or disagreement, both of them become silent and gloomy, which is not the way they can solve their mutual disputes. She should try to be less possessive and he should not be unreasonably suspicious or jealous.

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