Scorpio female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

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This is a very hard combination to analyse. The strong-willed and disciplined Capricorn may clash with Scorpio`s strong and powerful personality, in order to have the last word regarding important decisions pertaining to family welfare. They might struggle to harmonise their relationship. Capricorn can be very disagreeable when frustrated, and Scorpio can use his sting to move the Capricorn goat from her set course. Scorpio finds that Capricorn lacks in sentimentality. But in reality, Capricorn has a caring nature; in fact it is Scorpio, who can turn a blind eye towards the person about whom he is not curious. While Scorpio is a law unto himself, Capricorn`s goals are security, authority and respect. The two are therefore at loggerheads. The emotional incompatibility usually becomes unbearable for the combination to handle. For practical matters, there are common traits. The two partners are very realistic even to emotional matters. This gives the kind of reliability their love needs to last. Although Capri woman is reserved, cold, ambitious and steel-willed, she yearns for affection. Scorpio`s penetrating gaze easily sees her yearning and he wants to protect and love her. But the stubborn nature of both signs could make them enemies when things get tough.

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