Scorpio female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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The Pisces woman and the Scorpio man are magnetically drawn together by means of a silent and powerful understanding. Relationships between the two are intrinsic and only those directly involved can know the extent of emotional complications. The average Piscean woman won`t panic over her Scorpion`s occasional manifestation of machismo. In fact she may even be secretly amused, and in any case, she can handle it. The Scorpio man loves to solve every worthwhile mystery he comes across but the mystery of the feminine mystique of the Piscean woman will elude him and will always be out of reach. This may be a Love-at-first-sight combination, however it seldom lasts long. Everything seems fine until the Pisces woman gets tired of the little interests that seem to keep Scorpio occupied outside of the home. Scorpio, who feels that possessiveness is his own sacred domain, does not appreciate the positive qualities of Pisces. The attachment of Pisces has Scorpio`s sympathies, but respect is soon lost for the weaker member, and the relationship will soon deteriorate. But, on the positive side there is an intuitive bond here that both will find agreeable. There is attraction and emotion and feelings and all that good stuff that they both like. However they see clearly and realistically once in.

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