Leo male Love Relationship with Cancer female

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This is a good combination since the moon (Cancer) reflects the light of the sun (Leo). There is a lot to be said for these two, especially if Cancer remains happy reflecting the admirable Leo personality. Leo`s huge heart will quickly forgive the moody outbursts that Cancer is so used to displaying from time to time as he knows that this is due to the strong influence of the ruling planet, moon on Cancer. Cancer, more than any other sign, responds to the moon`s aspects as it moves swiftly through the zodiac. Cancer will feel greatly enthused to have Leo around and will probably let him run things, or at least let Leo think that he is in charge. And hey! What`s the difference anyway? Leo will appreciate Cancer`s attention giving, and as long as the latter forgets to feel neglected whenever Leo is out running the world, there is every chance for this marriage to work.

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