Leo male Love Relationship with Capricorn female

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The slow and steady Capricorn may prove too restrictive for the carefree and impulsive Leo male. Big-hearted Leo forgives and forgets quickly. Capricorn, on the other hand, is slow to anger and slow to forget. She also likes to hold on to the past, and this is something the lion cannot understand or appreciate. This pair would never enjoy the ideal basis for mutual understanding. This is especially true on matters of sex. Capricorn tends to be suspicious, while Leo enters the arena wholeheartedly with no thought of the consequences .The ``hail fellow well met`` attitude of the Leo male will prove too much for Capricorn over the long haul. These two are almost complete opposites, Capricorn being deeply conservative and Leo almost boyishly flamboyant. Again, Leo likes to live for the moment while Capricorn prefers to make calculated movements at every stage of her life. Certainly not an easy relationship to have.

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