Leo male Love Relationship with Pisces female

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The strong and sunny temperament of Leo may be unsuitable for the subtle and sensitive Pisces. His warmth may well overwhelm her completely. Pisces, known for her resilience, can take on the changing moods of any partner. At the same time, being deeply impressionable, Pisces is easily hurt by any actual or imagined wrong. As a consequence, she becomes not just difficult to handle but even turns dangerous at times. While Leo is flattered by her dependence on him, he should not take Pisces too much for granted. Or her inner resentment of his arrogant behaviour may not augur well for the relationship over the long term. Fiery Leo and watery Pisces. There are some basic elements at play here which generally are not expected to work too well. But if both develop an ability to learn from one another, and try to get past their innate differences, this marriage might prove a runaway success.

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