Leo male Love Relationship with Sagittarius female

Kundli Matching

This makes an excellent combination in most cases. It is said that fire must be fought with fire, and this adage seems to fit the marriage between these two signs absolutely, with few exceptions. Both love change and excitement, and have a great zest for life. Both are domineering and maybe that`s where the danger lies. Trouble is inevitable if Leo tries to relegate a Sagittarius female to the sidelines. Sagittarius, with her independent and dominating nature will surely rebel, leading to a serious rift in the partnership. This is an excellent combination for the most part, unless of course Sagittarius starts demanding too much freedom and Leo becomes too bossy as a consequence. However, it has been seen that a marriage between these two fire signs seldom breaks up, as both are too proud to accept or acknowledge marital failure.

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