Leo male Love Relationship with Aries female

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This is a great combination as both sides have great depth and feeling in their mental make up. Being fire signs, they will also understand each other`s feelings and emotions. But here`s a note of caution: Leo will tend to overshadow an Aries mate. This is particularly true if Aries allows him to hold centre stage on every occasion. However, Leo must share the limelight with his partner once in a while, as Aries will feel the need to be on stage as well. The impetuous Aries lover will find a welcome home in the lion`s den. Their sex life could be legendary and infidelity kept to a minimum. In fact, with a couple like this, infidelity could be eliminated altogether. This is because they will probably get what they want from each other, and not have a physical compulsion to stray. Leo admires the aggressive tendencies of fiery contemporaries. This is exactly what his Aries mate has, making this an ideal union.

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