Leo male Love Relationship with Libra female

Kundli Matching

The sensitive Libra female may occasionally feel out of her depth with the fire sign Leo. Therefore Leo must match his step with her at times, and lend protection to her at others. But otherwise, these two seem to have a lot in common to make this a good combination. Sun and Venus, the two stars ruling Leo and Libra, respectively, lend a strong and luxurious aspect to this relationship. As a result, both signs love luxuries, are subject to adulation, and are very artistically inclined. Material success and the good things of life make both partners happy. But there is one little problem here. The fact that Leo demands constant attention from his partner causes hurdles in the relationship, as Libra herself is not exactly averse to receiving attention and admiration from her spouse. Therefore, to make this relationship a true success, both signs have to give as well as receive attention by turns.

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