Cancer female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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Virgo`s demands may prove a bit too much for Cancer`s desire for peace and quiet. The full, affectionate nature of Cancer will not be completely satisfied by Virgo`s direct approach to the practical matters at hand. Cancer is sentimental, reticent and even shy about sex matters, and this can be very frustrating to the Virgo`s temperament. Often Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, is moody and unpredictable, which completely baffles the Virgo girl. Once Cancer goes into his shell, all the tongue-lashing and nagging of the Virgo will not bring him out. This could drive the Virgo mate into a state of hysteria. However, there are good possibilities, if a few common aspects are thrown in. Cancer will appreciate Virgo`s care and attention to detail, although he may not appreciate the critical eye of Virgo, especially when that criticism is aimed at him, as he takes things to heart as a rule. Virgo will appreciate the loyalty and sincerity of Cancer, but will need to be a little more demonstrative of her affection towards Cancer. Once she feels safe with the Cancer man, she transforms into a symphony of fragile feminity. Should they ever part, the strong karmic bond that binds them will pull them together, in ultimate friendship and forgiveness.

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