Cancer female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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The relationship between these two signs is guided and influenced by the several sun-sign patterns. The Cancerian man will hold an inexplicable fascination for this woman. She is curious by nature, so the way he keeps her guessing about his feelings and changing moods is rather exciting. Most of the time, she will behave in an unfamiliar, passive manner under the spell of the Cancerian man. Once in while, like the times when he compares her to his mother, or rebukes her for being extravagant, or accuses her of talking too much - will she lose her temper. Then she does not mince her words and says things that could deeply wound the ultra-sensitive feelings of this man. The Cancerian man has his faults but he is also sympathetic, sensitive and affectionate. He is funny and full of captivating conversation. He`s loyal and earnest and he`d never try to deliberately hurt her, or break a promise if he could possibly help it. The archer girl and her crab will have to learn to blend their fire and water elements in order to achieve a harmonious relationship. In time he`ll grow to intensely respect her courage, frankness and trust her because of her honesty. She will be grateful for his hand, guiding her away from all those potholes.

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