Cancer female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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Most Pisces-Cancer associations are relatively smooth and mellow. The sympathetic attraction between them is often instant and remarkable. The Piscean woman and the Cancer man, both have exceptional imaginative powers. The combination of these two sentimental signs makes for an ideal union. Although both will have their moments of despair and despondency, they will soon return to sunshine and learn to forgive and forget. Lovers` quarrels will be frequent, but the making up will be bliss. Both cherish home, possessions and friends and there will be mutual effort to fulfil all obligations. These two are so alike in nature that one would have some difficulty telling them apart. Both are romantic, need to love and be loved and can probably communicate with each other without speaking or making facial gestures. A Piscean woman will have to heal all old wounds of yesterday of her Cancer man, with her continual patience and compassion, until the magic of love at last works its wonders. Only then would a Cancer man love her as unselfishly as she loves him. The Piscean woman feels comfortable around the Cancer man because he`s not aggressive or overcritical and has a certain softness about him that touches her and makes her feel secure of the future.

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