Cancer female Love Relationship with Leo male

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Usually this is a good combination, since the moon (Cancer) reflects the light of the sun (Leo). A Cancerian man is a sensitive one; more considerate of his lioness than anyone else she`s ever known. He is not domineering and lets her have her own way, whenever they disagree. He worries about her and truly cares about her feelings. But beneath all his sweet gallantry and courteous manner, he manages in a subtle way to manage her life. A Leo girl is stimulated, not frightened or confused, by open and direct challenge. The Cancerian man who sincerely loves his lioness will encourage her to pursue a career worthy of her talents or allow her to be the absolute, if benevolent, monarch over their home. Leo`s huge heart will soon forgive the moody outbursts that Cancer demonstrates from time to time and which result from the strong influence of the moon, Cancer`s ruling planet. Cancer will feel a bit more enthused around Leo and will probably let her run things or at least let her think she is in charge. Leo will appreciate Cancer`s attention and as long as Cancer can get used to being neglected at times when Leo is out running the world, there is every chance that this combination could work.

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