Cancer female Love Relationship with Cancer male

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A beautiful love can bloom out of their relationship because each will have a sympathetic understanding for the other`s moods, wishes, desires and needs. At times they can totally disagree, with each clinging to the experiences and lessons of early childhood, but they will understand one another. They will stick to each other through thick and thin, regardless of peril. Each will give sympathetic consideration to this trait in the other, and they should have no trouble in finding constant bliss. Both need emotional security and social sanction so their relationship is likely to culminate into marriage after a short period. Romance will be an integral part of their physical relationship. Since both the crabs are highly receptive to sensuality, their sexual union is bound to be deeply affectionate. Cancer partners are home-loving so there will not be much problem on that front. Sometimes, similarity causes troubles too. Cancerians like to keep secrets. At the same time they do not like their partners keeping any secrets. With both crab partners keeping secrets, there can be much resentment and some misunderstanding between the two.

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