Cancer female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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Usually this makes a good combination. Cancer is home loving and affectionate. This is what every Taurean hopes to find in a partner when undertaking conjugal responsibilities. From an emotional point of view, there is nothing in the stars that bars the prospect of a happy married life between these two partners. The one thing the Taurean must remember is that Cancer is exceedingly sensitive, and will crawl into a shell if his emotions have been hurt. However, both tend to be very stubborn which combined with the moon-ruled moodiness of Cancer can, on occasion make their union an emotional minefield. Another problem could be that the ``mother fixation`` of the Cancer male could make life very difficult for a Taurus girl. This is a good combination as both signs are naturally attracted by the other`s respect for feelings and emotions. Both are immensely practical people and are blessed with a highly developed sense of responsibility. They should be able to provide a sense of security to each other. Taurus will appreciate Cancer`s inherent caring attitude and Cancer will appreciate Taurus` homey nature.

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