Cancer female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

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In astrological terms, the Capricorn-Cancer match might lack compatibility. The two signs stand in opposition, but on the grounds of reality you will find many things in common between the two. Both signs have plenty of similar characteristic traits. Cancer is highly sympathetic and understanding and has a soothing honey-like effect on the Capricorn`s misunderstood complaints. Cancerian man is kind and courteous and Capri girl very responsible and strong-willed. Both have a tendency to plod along until they get what they want. Capricorn has the ability to make Cancer`s dream come true, while Cancer is content wishing for and wanting the success and security that the Capricorn mate aims at. The elements of water and earth go well together but these are zodiac opposites so you can expect them to be poles apart sometimes. You`ll have to take the rose complete with its thorns and there will be plenty of both. Cancer craves for warmth and sentiment that a Capricorn lacks. Capricorn has to be extremely cautious so as not to hurt the sentimental Cancerian. Cancer longs for respect, understanding, love and appreciation from his Capricorn partner, while the Capri girl, being very practical and modest, doesn`t like the display of extreme emotions.

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