Cancer female Love Relationship with Gemini male

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The homely cancer may find sociable and gregarious Gemini too hard to get along with. While Gemini is constantly looking for change, Cancer is satisfied to become a truly domesticated mate. A Gemini girl`s love for freedom cannot put up with Cancerean possessiveness. On the other hand, the Cancerean moodiness may become too much for Gemini to cope with. There may be some compatibility, especially if there are children to keep the Gemini mother`s time occupied. Cautious crab can be sometimes caught off guard by the impulsive extravagance of his Gemini girl to buy him gifts. But he may silently admire her thoughtfulness. Cancers are driven by emotion and feelings and generally prefer steady relationships. Gemini`s unstoppable movement will prove unsettling for Cancer. However, some patience on the part of Gemini girl and a little adjustment by the crab in the beginning can put the relationship back on tracks. They will share a sexual rapport, making the experience stimulating and fulfilling. Gemini girl can trust the unwavering love of her Cancerean man.

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