Sun Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha

Sun is the most powerful planet and brings the same power in your life in this Mahadasha. Surya mahadasha is for 6 years and brings forward the best time in your life. Sun indicates soul and spiritual articulation. Your life will revolve around good deeds, something that soothes your soul. You will see a lot of good things in this period which will make you love your life.


In this Mahadasha you will have a strong urge to improve your existing skills or simply add up some new ones. This time helps you to enjoy social gatherings in general, even though you are an introvert. When Sun rules during the Sun Mahadasha extreme brilliance, high intellect, success, cheerful attitude, fortunate events, and fame can be easily noticed in your life.


Sun symbolizes male figure, self-esteem, ego, dominance, superiority, and stubbornness. During this dasha, it is likely that you will be close to the males of your house, be it your son, father, brother, or friend. This dominant behaviour if not in control can lead to hazardous results, like fights, disputes, and enemies. Keep your spiritual levels high to remain calm and polite.


Positive Sun Mahadasha Effects


Sun Mahadasha effects are grand. It gives you a very high position in your career and boosts the revenue of your business in a simple swish and flick. Sun is highly favourable, if you want to take politics as a career. Great accolades can be earned if you go into some administrative posts. Wherever you go the persona Sun has offered you, in the Mahadasha charms everyone.


Happy and positive results can be seen everywhere around you. Surya Mahadasha brings stars together to give you a life like a king. There would be every kind of happiness that you need in your life. Glory, wisdom, spiritualism, fame, social status, respect, authority, power, honour are some things that come along with the dasha.

Your mentality will be very broad and wide and you will be able to see things in a much better light than before. Highly optimistic behaviour is guaranteed, along with a good social place and recognition.


Negative Sun Mahadasha Effects


If you have done any bad deeds in the past dasha then the negative Sun Mahadasha effects will be heightened. You can lose all the wealth and money that you had. With Sun authority and fame comes in your life, with the wrong placement of Sun in your chart, all the fame and name will be gone. Scandals and humiliation can be really common in your life. As the Sun is a fiery planet so it is important that you remain peaceful, otherwise you will face issues with your family and peers. 


There might be a lot of sorrow in your life due to no achievements and loss of what you already had. You would feel displeased with almost everything in your life. A lot of diseases can make your body their home like mental tensions, anxiety, and headaches. Due to extreme thinking and increased tension, you will be very prone to getting depressed and highly stressed during Surya mahadasha. The fire in the Sun can make you very prone to aggression and arrogance. Easily you will lose your temper now and then. This can lead to an increase in the number of enemies.


Sun Mahadasha with Other planets:


Sun Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha is a very powerful setting. You can experience unreal success and high status among your social circle. There will be a great increase in your power, either physically or in terms of authority. You will become the centre of attraction wherever you go and people will readily agree to your opinions and decisions. Your career will reach better heights and you can have gained in your business. If any disputes are running, then you will come out of it victoriously. Negatively you can become restless during this phase because of loss in tolerance and patience level.


Sun Mahadasha has always been on friendly terms with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Saturn and Rahu Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha can have harmful effects on your life. This is a generalized way of putting things forward. Many other factors also work behind this. Positive effects can be seen in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius ascendants and negative effects on Libra and Capricorn. 


The Antardasha of All planets in the Mahadasha of the Sun

Even though particular charts have to be analyzed before predictions, here you can find general predictions based on the effects of the Antardasha of all planets when the Sun is in Mahadasha. So let us find out what results will the Antardasha of other planets during the Mahadasha of the Sun give to the natives.

The Effect of Sun (Surya) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

If there is a Sun factor in the horoscope, it is of the high zodiac and is devoid of evil effects. It gives auspicious results in its Dasha - Antardasha condition. The wealth of the native increases; he gets opportunities for promotion. Disturbance arises in the mind of the native and he feels grief.

The Effect of Moon (Chandra) Antardasha  in the Mahadasha of the Sun

If the Moon is moving in the Mahadasha of the Sun, then the native gains a lot of wealth. It indicates an increase in honor and respect. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered as the father factor. Astroyogi astrologer states that it plays an essential role in establishing a good relationship with your father. Besides, the Sun is also linked to the soul.

On the other hand, the Moon is connected to the mind. Due to this combination of  Antardasha and Mahadasha, the native gets full support from the parents. With this, the native moves forward in his career and also gets a promotion.

The Effect of Mars (Mangal) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

Mars makes a person very powerful when the Antardasha of Mars is in the Mahadasha of the Sun. It provides peace of mind. There is advancement in work, due to which a tremendous capacity is generated inside the person. You can move forward in your work and be able to do every task. This time can also be said to be very good for your business.

The Effect of Mercury (Budha) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

According to the astrologers, the Moon (Chandra) Antardasha during Sun’s Mahadasha is considered very good. Especially at this time, the chances of promotion at work are high. If the person is doing business, then the business progresses. There are chances of traveling abroad and there’s also a probability of gaining name and recognition from a person of high stature. At this time, you can make the right decision because both Sun and Mercury together enable you to do this. Mercury, the factor of intelligence, which makes a person full of intellect and knowledge, instills in you the ability to make the right decision.

The Effect of Jupiter (Guru) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

Jupiter Antardasha in the Sun Mahadasha is considered to be an excellent yoga because, at this time, the chances of getting blessed with a child is high. Astrologer says that during this time, weddings yogas are formed, which helps in getting the right life partner. Jupiter is also the planet of knowledge. In such a situation, you can make up your mind to learn something new and get an education. This time is also favorable for children as well as those in the teaching profession.

The Effect of Venus (Shukra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

This time seems a bit troublesome for the natives when Venus (Shukra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun. At this time, there is a period of great ups and downs in love affairs, especially with your life partner. There may also be a dispute between you two. The astrologer advises that you should take great care at this time. In the case of money too, you should do it very thoughtfully and carefully before investing anywhere. Because some problems can arise here and there can be financial losses.

The Effect of Saturn (Shani) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

During the Mahadasha of Sun, Saturn (Shani) Antardasha can make a very disturbing yoga for the native. Because the effect of the Sun, the Sun representing father, can cause problems in the health of the father or bring differences of views with the father. Due to which the relations between you and your father may get upset. In such a situation, you should try to maintain a better relationship with your father. Whatever differences you have in the workplace with your seniors, the differences may increase. Your enemies also can bother you very much.

The Effect of Rahu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

Rahu Antardasha in Mahadasha of the Sun can be quite a disturbing time. In particular, it can cause some problems with your health. Along with this, the astrologer predicts that this time the native may also face defamation and stigma. A hidden enemy can cause trouble at this time. This time will be a time of dishonor for you and you have to take care of this. You may also go into a lot of depression. You can make any wrong decision at this time, which may cause many difficulties for you in the future. In such a situation, you have to be careful as Rahu’s Dasha troubles a person at times.

The Effect of Ketu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Sun

When Ketu Antardasha is in the Mahadasha of the Sun, it may disturb you in your field of work and your enemies will increase. Due to which you may have to leave your job too. And, if you are doing business, then you may have to suffer huge losses in business. Any decision made in haste can prove harmful for you and can put a burden of debt on you. In this case, you should work with caution and patience as this time is not favorable for you.

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