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Taurus Career Horoscope 2021

This year sizzles with success which starts immediately. You’ll begin the year with a little laziness and lack of motivation thanks to the impact of Venus in Sagittarius but surprisingly in spite of this, you will perform very effectively at work. Any tasks or projects that come with a time limit will be completed promptly. As of February 21st, people will stop and stare due to Venus in show-stopping Aquarius. Your colleagues and seniors will take notice of you and you may be presented with options and opportunities that will help you to succeed. 

Your career may reach a point of acceleration and things can happen very rapidly at this time. On April 6, you enter a powerful time for manifestation and you’ll notice changes and improvements at a professional level due to the far-reaching impact of Jupiter in Capricorn. The work you’ve put in at the start of the year will make a huge difference. In May this is further fortified as achievements and victories start to simmer with Mercury in Gemini helping you to sort the little details that can propel you to greatness. Your confidence and professional performance will peak!

Your communication skills will push your career along and by summer they’ll be a feeling of great contentment as success is apparent. You’ll be noticing the fruits of your labour. You may be celebrating your success! A surge comes in September with Mercury moving into Libra which should push you to go after promotions or interviews that appeal to you. In November, Jupiter moves into Aquarius which impacts you for the rest of the year and may lead you to zone out a little at work as you start to enter a more daydreaming phase. People may comment that you need to wake up! A few last-minute work issues can crop up at the end of the year but you’ll be quick to resolve them and end the year with no loose ends. 

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