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Gemini Career Horoscope 2021

Your career will likely offer you new opportunities or experiences at the start of this year and you are invited to say yes! Take a leap of faith for this is a time of new beginnings that promise prosperity. You may find yourself finding a career in the area of spirituality, media or performing arts. Art and creativity are keys to your success. You’ll also see a positive curve of growth and success at work meaning that victory continues to grow as the years go on. 

Your focus, concentration and ability to concentrate enable you to contribute to the workforce in profound ways. By April, your career becomes powerful and profitable thanks to Mercury’s movement into Aries on the 16th and this continues across May and June with Mercury in Gemini on the 26th May keeping you intelligent and sociable affording you plenty of networking opportunities. By autumn and winter, you may find yourself surprised by some random monetary gain perhaps a promotion or a helpful friend. 

Your attitude to money may strengthen as you develop better practices when it comes to managing it. This is a great time to develop a more playful attitude to your career. What do you truly want to do? Are you happy where you are or would you like some change? 

You can experiment, get involved and explore. There are so many options open to you and roles you can play and your colleagues and seniors value and appreciate your contribution. Show your true nature and you’ll go far. There are so many avenues for you to take so be confident and see where you feel you fit best. Your keyword is changing; don’t be afraid to make waves.

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