Yearly Horoscope 2021

Looking forward to a great New Year ahead? Pretty sure we all are. New beginnings are always exciting and we know you’d be eager to read the horoscopes for 2021. And this is why Astroyogi is happy to release a detailed analysis of the 2021 horoscopes.

Our team of astrologers has curated and analysed the horoscopes, taking into account the planetary movements or transits and their effects on the various aspects of our lives.

Astroyogi’s annual horoscopes for 2021 provide an insightful preview on what is expected to happen in people’s lives across all 12 zodiac signs in the New Year 2021. Horoscopes for 2021 predict the opportunities, possibilities and challenges awaiting you. It’s an outline of events and occurrences you should look out for in the coming year, based on your zodiac sign.

Have you been asking yourself, “What will be special for me in 2021? Will my career take off? Will my financial position become better? Will I get married in 2021?” Our annual forecast for 2021 reveals it all.

Most areas of your life such as health, career, business, money, education, travel, love, marriage and family have been catered to in our predictions. You can keep track of your destiny through the year.

While our Astrology 2021 horoscopes foretell the good times ahead, some things may not be favourable and also beyond your control. You may have to exercise caution and that is why we at Astroyogi are here to help you through the year with our 2021 horoscope predictions.

The horoscope analysis is detailed and practical. You could go a step further and also have a live consultation with any one of our finest Indian astrologers on Astroyogi.

The year 2021 promises to be great for all signs in the zodiac. This year completely hums with positivity, vitality and happiness.

Effects of the major planets like Saturn (Shani), Jupiter (Guru), Moon (Chandra) and Rahu have been thoroughly analysed in this annual forecast for 2021 for all zodiac signs.

Surely the 2021 forecasts and predictions would be incomplete without the mention of planetary transits and retrogrades during the year. What will the transits of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu bring you? How will the planetary transits of 2021 impact your zodiac sign?

Once you become aware in advance of how the planetary movements will augur for you through the year, you can take steps to curb the unfavourable effects that may place hurdles in your progress.

Read on to learn of all the possibilities our 2021 horoscope predictions reveal, based on each zodiac sign.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead, and may the stars be with you always.

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