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Libra Horoscope 2021

You begin this year filled with positivity; you get out into the world and explore. This is a period of strong energy and motivation keeping you steady and empowered. You are cheerful and you connect effortlessly with both, the old and the young. The spirit of abundance encourages you to buy things for your home. You are drawn to beauty and sentimentality. Your financial situation is stable and your career will experience a surge of growth. By February 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus and some of you may become new parents. Tensions could arise in your love life owing mostly to your ego. Don’t allow these issues to fester; resolve them as quickly as possible. 

In March, you could experience a confidence dip and some obstacles may present themselves at your workplace. The ability to focus will help you figure out how to tackle problems in a quick and efficient way. By early spring, you will enter a beautiful romantic phase and also enjoy a hike in income. With Jupiter moving into Capricorn on the 6th of April, you may struggle with interpersonal connections at work. Try to blend boundaries with charm. As of June, you fare very well professionally and truly shine especially due to your calm and composed attitude. Your energy will be fairly light-hearted and playful.

If you lead a team, people feel very comfortable and content in your presence, you will steer the ship in the best direction. Financially, this month is a mixed bag with both monetary loss and unexpected financial gain. July is a very strong month for you in terms of money and this marks a wonderful time to begin investing your cash. It will work well for you, thanks to the movement of Mercury into Cancer on July 25th. If you don’t know how it all works, consult a good financial expert. This period marks a very auspicious time for marriage and a great opportunity for singles to find love. Your career gallops along and you are on the way to being totally debt-free. 

As of August 26th, the presence of Mercury in Virgo allows you to conquer any challenges that have arisen in your career, but there can be some financial ups and downs that you should be prepared for. September marks a perfect time for manifestation as dreams really can (and do) come true, thanks to the impact of Mercury in Libra on September 22nd. You may spend copious amounts of money, but you won’t be seen struggling due to its lack. You will dream big and long for expansion, especially if you own your own business. As October enters the picture, you may feel low, tired and depleted, so focus inwards and fall back on grounding practices such as meditation and yoga to bounce back from any adversity. 

Venus moves into Scorpio on the 2nd of October. To evolve, Scorpio longs to explore the depth of its own emotions. As the year winds down, you will have the confidence to seek out the top management for advice and clarity. Their words will guide you well. Your spirits will be high and your energy may be fiery and could be perceived as aggression. This is perhaps not a bad thing while locking down a deal but it can have unsavoury consequences in every other area! For a sense of completion, you should end the year reflecting on what you have achieved and what is still left to be done.

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