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Taurus Horoscope 2021

The year 2021 begins with plenty of luck and success across all areas of your life. But Mercury in Capricorn loves to play havoc with your ability to get going, and you may be off to a bit of a lazy start and find yourself struggling to concentrate. Committing to regular meditation will certainly help you along. Nonetheless, you will complete all professional projects in record time. Things will pick up for you at work on the 2nd of February.

People are starting to notice you – yes Taurus, you’re beginning to stand out! Make sure you say ‘Yes’ to all the opportunities Venus in Aquarius brings your way. This is not the time to be a shrinking violet. This month also promotes love, care and compassion between romantic partners. You enter a very joyous period; be mindful of excess, especially so early in the year! As of February 22nd, Mars in Taurus can make you prone to overeating, so watch out for this tendency. You will seek out plenty of activity and want to stay busy. There will be many opportunities for development at work. You will smile constantly, putting others at ease and drawing them towards yourself. 

April is a good time to reflect on your health and make plans for overseas adventures as well as to re-enter the world of education. Your desire to explore becomes irresistible with the impact of Venus in Aries. You will do very well for yourself, no matter what course of action you take. If it's luck you’re looking for, you will receive favourable tidings with Venus moving into Taurus on May 4th. Fate is working in your favour to make things happen, so don’t be afraid to dream big. This is a wonderful time to work on your communication skills which will enhance your career, friendships and romantic life.

Summer brings contentment and success; there is much to celebrate. You will work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Summer also suggests parenthood for some of you! Libra is the sign of joy and as Venus moves here on the 6th of September, it brings positive energy to all areas of life. You will see success manifesting from your educational achievements. This is when you will be at your strongest; go after what you want. 

It’s a wonderful time for those of you who work in the media or performing arts. Venus in Scorpio spruces up your love life on the 2nd of October and gets you all excited. Single Taurus natives may fall in love. This could be a period of conflict or challenge; get ready to dig your heels in. Jupiter’s move into Aquarius on the 2nd of November may lead you to daydream, but you need to wake up and face the challenges hounding your relationships. As the year ends, your confidence may falter and there could be a few last-minute problems to solve before going into 2022. Make sure your health is at its strongest as you end this year, to be at your very best to usher in the New Year!

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