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Pisces Horoscope 2021

Pisces, welcome to 2021. Let’s see what the year has in store for you. To begin with, you will find people reaching out with career advice. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 4th of January and Sagittarius is the sign of imparted wisdom. You will be receptive to the tips coming from those who understand the industry well. There may be a sense of being directed, which is beneficial for signs belonging to the water element. You feel ready to navigate the seas. This is a very dreamy time for falling in love and exploring romantic opportunities.

There’s also a mercurial and open nature to the beginning of 2021, meaning that you may embark upon the year with a huge change, such as switching careers or starting a new relationship. In February, expenses may be high.  Your relationships take on warmth, sincerity and generosity with Venus in Aquarius on the 21st bringing out the best in you. 

Your wellbeing flounders, but meditation and grounding practices will help you develop balance. In March, love continues to be a priority, thanks to Venus in Pisces on the 17th, but money matters may need attention. Be judicious with your expenses; try to save. By April, you jump into a period of prosperity and financial gain as Mars leaps into Gemini on the 14th and wants to sink its teeth into something new.

This is a period of agreement and peace. You will find it easy to get on with everyone. Stability runs across into May but your mood may fluctuate, creating some stodginess. This is unavoidable to some degree because you are a water creature, and water must move or it will stagnate. Let yourself feel the full range of emotions. As we move into June, you share your new ideas at the workplace. You are outgoing and expressive. You are also able to turn in a tidy profit at work. July invites you to rekindle love in your unique way – romantically you are a magical creature and have a quiet way of pulling others into your orbit. 

Marriage is on the cards. In the summer of 2021, your personal life feels smooth and content, and things continue to improve financially. In September, you may struggle in the romance department, thanks to your ego rearing its head. This won’t be anything too serious but will teach you some valuable lessons. The end of the year tops you up in terms of profits but you may see an unexpected failure in your personal life. Your ability to float and flow will serve you well. There are opportunities for a new career, hobbies and experiences. Normally, one would expect the end of the year to be marked with conclusions, but in the case of Pisces it will seem as though things are just beginning. 

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