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Aries Career Horoscope 2021

A true trendsetter, 2021 is certainly the year for your career. From the very beginning of this year, success is assured in all your professional dealings thanks to the impact of Venus in expansive and lucky Sagittarius. Work presents pressure but it is the kind that you enjoy for it is challenging and intrigues your competitive nature. You also bring plenty of enthusiasm to all of your projects which helps create a very refreshing and fun atmosphere in the workplace. 

By April, Venus in Aries enables you to notice things come to fruition and pushes you to put the work in. It may be that projects reach their conclusion or a deal is cemented or promotion received. You may also find yourself the envy of others especially in the workplace which can be challenging but is something you are able to weather well. You may find it rather flattering! With Jupiter moving into Capricorn on the 6th April there may be a little stressful friction at work, but this can also prompt you to push harder

By summer you may find yourself making hasty career-related decisions. This might be because your confidence has grown so high that you feel you can’t do anything wrong. Try not to act too impulsively; take time to reflect on your options. Look before you leap. You will also find yourself recognised at work, especially if you were previously flying under the radar. August is the month for you to step forward as a leader, perhaps harnessing your potential to be a manager. This is a time of great growth, ambition and expansion. You will step out from the shadows and show people what you are capable of. 

By autumn, you may feel a little anxious about work. It may be that you suffer a case of imposter syndrome so continue to work on your self-esteem and confidence. You deserve your success. As we enter into November and December, there is another chance for recognition thanks to Venus in Capricorn, so don’t be afraid to say yes to projects or opportunities. This can be a golden year for you!

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