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Virgo Career Horoscope 2021

Career is important to Virgo natives and will always be one of your priorities. You may bring a lack of concentration to the office at the start of this year and will need to take some time to get yourself into a good strong headspace – this can be impacted by Venus in Capricorn from the 28th. This is something you can consciously take time to do daily. At work, you’ll get far by way of your personality. Don’t be afraid to use your charm to network or work your way up the ladder. In February there are plenty of job opportunities for you to explore and you may find yourself jumping from one career to another. March is a wonderful month for your continued success as Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 11th bringing its own brand of brilliance.

A key movement is Jupiter’s move into Capricorn on April 6th which stands you in good stead professionally for the rest of the year. In the month of May, you may find yourself needing to work very hard but Venus in Taurus from the 24th ensures that the rewards will be well worth it and an increase in salary or promotion are on the cards over the summer. You’ll also find that you are given a great deal of flexibility and freedom in terms of your career. You have the option to make things work to your will so don’t play small; bring your whole self to the table. 

The workload at the office may decrease giving you more time to work on your career and life goals. Creativity will be brought to the workplace which is highly satisfying for you. You end the year in a strong and enjoyable place in your career especially as Mercury winds into Libra on September 22nd, helping you end in a harmonious space. Well done for all your efforts. Remember that you can achieve whatever it is that you need.

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