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Pisces Career Horoscope 2021

Sometimes life finds a way of presenting us with an opportunity or with some assistance from an unexpected place. This is part of the unpredictability of all things. This year begins with an offering from someone who is willing to provide you with advice and guidance that sets you off to a good start this year. The advice will be around the area of career and help you make sensible and effective decisions especially when you combine what you are told with your own intuition – this can be a merging of the practical with the primal. You may feel as though life is directing you in meaningful ways. You’ll start the year feeling adventure and may leap into a new career. 

The time just feels right. This allows you to prosper all the way through to April where you find yourself feeling very professionally stable and a little more settled as though you’ve found a home thanks to Mars moving into livewire Gemini on the 14th. In June you are feeling so comfortable that you are sharing your opinions, thoughts and talents with your colleagues and initiating plenty of change with Mars in Gemini on the 2nd encouraging you to express and share.

It can take you a while to reach a place where you feel so confident in yourself but once you reach this point, you develop quite a positive reputation and people may seek you out. Your insights come from a very instinctive and almost primal place. As we move into December there are new career opportunities open to you. If you are seeking a change or want to progress, the opportunities are there for you to explore.

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