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Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021

Your career is incredibly important and ideally, you need a profession where you can put your brilliant brain to work. January is always the month of new beginnings but the stars align to make this a time where there is plenty for you to jump into and experience professionally thanks to Venus being in Sagittarius from the 4th. You start off in a strong professional position which keeps confidence high. 

The key to your success is your intellect; others are equally intimidated and impressed by your brainpower. You are able to see things in completely unusual and novel ways and your perspective can be expansive and illuminating. If you can work on your ability to focus, you’ll do well. 

Try not to let yourself be too distracted from your mission; establishing tunnel vision can be so impactful. Your pace of work is fairly balanced and by May you’ll be prospering especially as Venus moves into Gemini on the 29th making you charming and impactful. There are also options to transfer or try something new which may suit you very well at the moment especially if you are footloose and fancy-free. This gives you the opportunity to try a new experience that can expand your awareness and understanding. July is a personal and professional peak for you and you’ve been steadily moving at quite a momentum. 

You may be working on your own pet project or putting out the feelers for a new business, and you’re likely to be surprised by just how quickly things start growing. In November, your workload may increase but you continue to get things done effortless and ride into the end of the year victoriously!

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