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Aquarius Love Horoscope 2021

Even with your fixed nature, a romance must always carry the promise of something new to keep you interested. With Venus in gallivanting Sagittarius from the 4th January, if single, you will seek a partner who is mentally quick, interested and interesting and forward-thinking – you need someone whom you can connect with on all levels, especially intellectually. 

It is likely that you will meet someone special via work (where you can connect on a mental plane) or through friends (where you can share plenty of things in common.) Things really begin to take shape on February 21st where there are plenty of opportunities for single Aquarians to find love. Those in long term relationships may be resolving issues, conflicts or ego disputes that have been challenging their relationships for some time, so there is a feeling of clarity and cleanness around relationships.

There is no agenda, just the spirit and intention of wanting to get closer. Spring is known as the season of love and you’ll be more proactive and romantic in terms of your generosity towards your partner with Venus, the planet of love moving into Gemini, the planet of connection and conversation on May 29th. In love so often what you get is what we give and our relationships can be a reflection of our own ability to love. There can be great catharsis when you deal with the past and move forward together. From May onwards there is great prosperity and growth in relationships. 

As of July, romance establishes a rhythm that is delightful and enjoyable for all involved thanks to Mercury moving into Gemini on the 7th. It is unlikely that you will push for marriage or parenthood this year, but not impossible. Instead, the focus seems to be on enjoying your partner, making memories together and establishing a place of resolution.

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