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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2021

For Scorpio natives, love is an intense and daring adventure or nothing at all. You seek depth in love and in many ways your partner is a mirror, reflecting back your own nature. You learn a great deal from your romantic relationships and this area takes on great and transformative significance for you. Your intuition is your greatest asset when it comes to the search for a partner so make sure that you always listen to what your gut wants to tell you. The more you lessen, the greater your understanding will be. 

You tend to oscillate between extremes but at the start of this year, you’ll balance romance with other facets of your life to powerful effect as Venus moves into Capricorn on the 28th January and helps you remain measured. February is a great month for falling in love thanks to the consistency of Mars in Taurus present from the 22nd but in March you need to make sure that you watch actions rather than listen to words so that you can get a good feel for who someone really is. Don’t let your desire for an ideal blind you to what is before you – don’t fall for potential rather than truth.

On April 6th Jupiter moves into Capricorn presenting a great time for marriage should it be something you wish to consider. June is also an especially notable month in which love can feel perfect and you’ll be truly happy as the love planet Venus moves into nourishing Cancer on the 22nd. The end of the year sees you content and prosperous but possibly needing to tie up a few loose ends, perhaps little arguments or differences in opinion? Ultimately all has gone well for you in the love department!

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