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Cancer Love Horoscope 2021

This year begins with a need for clarity and a romantic reset. Problems, difficulties in opinion and ego disputes may be present but your priority and focus will be on resolving them thanks to the steadfast nature of Mercury in Capricorn on January 5th. The first part of this year may be spent re-evaluating what you want from your partner and relationship. This is powerful and necessary because it grants you the knowledge and wisdom to understand yourself going forward. Your relationship will either become stronger or you will learn a great deal about your own needs. 

There can be a tendency to lean on others, especially a partner for qualities that you need to find in yourself. The lesson here is in working to build your own self-worth and courage consistently whilst also enjoying the fun, light-hearted and intimate aspects of your relationship.

On April 6th Jupiter moves into Capricorn and you’ll be in great spirits and if single, very open to love. They say that spring is the time of love and you’ll definitely believe that. The very best of your nature shines through and makes you very attractive to others. By June, long-standing lovers may cement their union with marriage thanks to Venus in Cancer on the 22nd which is always looking for legacy. This is an auspicious month plentiful with joy. Your own fluctuations may colour your love life into July due to Mercury’s presence in Gemini but this will not put off a serious partner. Try to work on your communication skills. Do not let things simmer and avoid a tendency towards passive-aggressiveness. 

September is a boundless month for love as Venus moves into Libra on the 6th and as the year winds down you should feel very secure in your romantic word, whether single or coupled. Reflection is likely and will help guide you from going forward.

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