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Leo Love Horoscope 2021

Your love life at the start of this year is absolutely thriving and generating much excitement for you due to the powerful impact of the sun. The potential to meet someone new is instant and you may meet them via an artistic or creative pursuit. Through January and February, establishing romantic relationships will come naturally and you will imbue them with warmth, generosity and fierce loyalty as well as a sense of fun, protection and play. 

With Venus in Aquarius from the 21st February, love that begins in friendship may appeal but even if you meet and forge a romantic bond straight away, the friendship will be established quickly because you seek a buddy in your partner. In fact, this is something you are not willing to compromise on for you need a confidant as well as a lover. You are attracted to glamorous and successful people, although due to your need to shine you may want them to excel in a different domain to you so that there is no overshadowing one another or sense of competitiveness. It’s important that you are both significant in your own way. They should reflect well on you but not compromise you. There is a chance of falling for someone famous...

You have a high chance of drawing someone truly special into your life. The attention will be on you and this will carry on through the years, with Venus moving into Scorpio on the 2nd October and making love more committed and intense. 

As Jupiter moves into Aquarius on November 2nd, you round off the year with a wonderful love life. It may feel as if you’ve been with your partner forever and there may be a sense of having known one another in a past life. 

The love you share endures. A nice way to complete the year is to make plans and promises for the future so that your love has the capacity to grow.

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