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Libra Love Horoscope 2021

You start this year very easily connecting with other people of all age groups and walks of life which gives you plenty of romantic opportunities should you wish to pursue them. You owe such good luck to the presence of Venus in Capricorn on the 28th which lends maturity to your character. You are in high spirits and have faith in people which makes people feel very attracted to you in turn. Romantic abundance is high at the start of this year and you’ll find yourself effortlessly drawn to others. 

Couples may find themselves quarrelling and displaying power struggles that need to settle before the year pushes on. If you can put your ego on the backburner things will be easier so be mindful of this. Spring is an especially gorgeous time for love and will awaken many new opportunities for you as Mars moves into explorative Gemini on April 14th. 

You may meet someone at work who pushes your buttons in a manner that can be a prelude for love. July should be marked in your calendar as the perfect time for marriage if you are planning to fortify a relationship thanks to Venus in Leo’s need for loyalty on July 17th. September is also a wonderful period for love because it increases your ability for manifestation and if you want to manifest love, so be it! 

Virgo is very good at fine-tuning the little details that make big dreams possible and as Mars moves into this sign on September 6th, things will happen in practical ways. Towards the end of the year, you take on fiery energy that can help you attract partners if single but can cause lots of tension in long-term relationships. This gives you an understanding of how energy can be taken from many different perspectives – all have a good and a bad side. The romance continues to be important to you in 2021 and you’ll spend lots of time investing in your relationships.

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