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Capricorn Love Horoscope 2021

Learning to let others in can be very challenging for you as independence is your middle name but thanks to Venus in Sagittarius, which makes its move on the 4th, you may not have much choice! You may meet a love interest at work that you grow close to as you collaborate over a project. Sharing your vulnerabilities as well as your talents enables you to get closer to someone special. You may also meet someone via the fashion or art industry. As your energy is at its peak in the professional sphere, it’s easy for you to attract someone to you in this domain of your life, blending work with pleasure so to speak. 

Anyone who has an insight of you in the workplace gets to see a very intimate side of you indeed and should feel very privileged. May is a wonderful time for your love life and you feel a sense of excitement and as though you are able to let your guard down largely due to the gentle impact of Venus in Taurus on the 4th. If you are able to get clear about your expectations and desires within a romantic relationship, luck and fate will conspire to bring you what you need to flourish. 

Do not be afraid to be direct and assertive about your needs and preferences. In some ways locking down love is like securing a job. Summer is a great period for marriage, initiating new relationships and moving into parenthood thanks to Mercury in Cancer on July 25th. Things can certainly get a little serious this year so remember to keep an open mind and enjoy all the good that can come your way! Letting your guard down around love can bring plenty of release and relaxation.

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