Sun Transit in Aries: Your Finances Will Demand Your Attention! Know More Here

Sat, Apr 13, 2024
Jyotish Siddhartha
  By Jyotish Siddhartha
Sat, Apr 13, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Jyotish Siddhartha
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Sun Transit in Aries: Your Finances Will Demand Your Attention! Know More Here

Get ready, as the Sun transit in Aries 2024 will cause many transformations in your life. This transit will also bring you numerous golden opportunities. So, let's get started.

Sun Transit in Aries Date And Time: Get to Know

  • Sun Transit in Aries Date- 13th April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Sun Transit in Aries Time- 09:15 PM (IST)

The mighty Sun will enter the Aries sign on the 13th of April, spending roughly one month in every sign. 

This Sun transit 2024 through Aries will have a different impact on different zodiac signs since the Aries sign has a different placement for each Moon sign. At the same time, you must understand that the effects of Sun transit in Aries are influenced by the strength of the Sun in one's natal chart and whether one is going through the Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantardasha of the Sun. 

Maharishi Parashara wrote in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra that the Sun transiting in one's third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses gives wonderful results to the natives. The results are more prominent if any of the Dashas in the chart are also those of the Sun. 

General Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries in 2024

The transit of the Sun in Aries holds profound importance in Vedic Astrology, marking the commencement of the astrological new year. Aries, positioned as the inaugural sign in the zodiac, is under the governance of Mars. 

During the Sun transit in Aries 2024, the Sun attains a state of exaltation, symbolizing a robust and positive manifestation of its energies. This period is characterized by a palpable surge in enthusiasm and a predisposition towards new beginnings. People often experience heightened levels of assertiveness and confidence, prompting them to embark on novel projects or ventures. 

The inherent leadership qualities of the Aries sign, coupled with the influential force of the Sun, foster a proactive and independent approach to goal pursuit. While the period encourages individuals to assert their individuality, it is imperative to be mindful of potential conflicts. The assertive energy of Aries natives, if not channeled judiciously, may give rise to confrontations and clashes. 

In essence, the Sun's journey through Aries signifies a phase of initiation, heightened vitality, and assertiveness. 

What Will Be The Sun Transit's Results on Your Life? 

Let's get into the Sun transit effects on zodiac signs and what remedies you can do to make the most of this particular transit. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Aries

The Sun transit in Aries will be in the 1st house itself, and the natives must be careful about discord with their spouses and business partners due to the Sun transit and its effects on relationships. You must be mindful of your temperament as a fiery planet is transiting through another fiery sign, and that, too, is in a state of exaltation. 

According to the Sun transit predictions, you must be careful during this period about launching any new venture or enterprise and confrontations with women or colleagues and acquaintances. However, you will likely be full of confidence, vitality, and strength during this period. 

Remedy: Offer Arghya to the Sun (Surya) at sunrise. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Taurus

Taurus natives will witness high expenditures, exhaustive traveling, and a lack of mental peace as the Sun transits in Aries in their 12th house. 

Due to the Sun transit impact on the horoscope, you must be careful about monetary losses and your enemies. There should be meticulous consideration before purchasing any new vehicle, property, or object of luxury since there are chances of overspending on unnecessary objects.  

Are you curious to know about the state of your finances in the future? The astrology experts at Astroyogi can provide you insights. 

Remedy: Chant the Aditya Hridaya Stotra at sunrise. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Gemini

The Sun transit 2024 for Gemini will be in the 11th house; thus, it is most likely to bring about a lot of positive changes at the workplace, but since Saturn, too, has an aspect on this sign, you may witness a slow growth on the financial front or at your workplace. Despite respect and acknowledgment at work, you may feel tense about gains of all sorts. 

On the other hand, it may also seem like a long wait coming to an end, as you might get a hike, promotion, and award during this time. When Sun transits in Aries, your respect in society will likely increase, but you must be careful about conflicts with your children. There is a possibility of purchasing a new property and of travel as well. 

Remedy: Donate black carpets to the needy people on Saturday. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Cancer

The Sun transit 2024 for Cancer will be in the 10th house, and support from the government, your superiors, and your father is on the cards. This transit will be highly beneficial for the people associated with the government or government jobs. Your superiors will acknowledge your work, and you may find yourself being more of a workaholic during this period. 

During this transit, the Sun will aspect the 4th house as well, and this creates an auspicious Yoga for purchasing a new home or vehicle. Those searching for new jobs may get wonderful opportunities after a long wait. 

Remedy: Start reciting the Aditya Hridaya Stotra at sunrise on Sundays. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Leo

This Sun transit in Aries 2024 for Leo will be in the 9th house, thus creating a Yoga for religious work and long travels. It is possible during this period to come across people from a religious or spiritual background. 

Due to the Sun transit impact on the horoscope, the Leo natives waiting to have long-distance trips may witness their wait finally ending. However, you must be careful about arguments with your superiors and father. You have to make sure you avoid arguments over any provocation from anyone in your social circle. 

Remedy: Treat women and younger siblings well during this period.

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Virgo

The Sun will transit through the 8th house for Virgo, and the natives have to be careful about high expenditures, futile travels, and low self-confidence. 

Due to the Sun transit impact on the horoscope during this period, you must make all decisions after proper consideration and thought process. The tendency to feel weakness, both physically and psychologically, may be strong throughout this transit, so Meditation or Mantra recitation is recommended for you. 

Remedy: Serve the underprivileged and treat your life partner well. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Libra

The Sun will transit through the 7th house for Libra. The Libra natives may witness conflicts with their business partners, office colleagues, acquaintances, and spouses. 

Due to the Sun transit effects, you must be mindful of ideological disagreements with those you meet daily. The Libra natives in service or with jobs may have to wait a little more for their promotion or new opportunities. 

Remedy: Offer Arghya to the Surya or Sun every morning. 

An interesting read: Sun Transit in Taurus: Toxicity Will Be A Reality for Some! Will It Be You?

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Scorpio

The transit of the Sun in Aries for Scorpio will be in the 6th house, and it will bring you freedom from many struggles. According to the Sun transit predictions, the Scorpio natives will get acknowledgments, hikes, and promotions. 

You will be capable enough to defeat all your enemies during this time. There is also a possibility of traveling, followed by a few expenditures. 

Remedy: Feed the old and poor on Saturdays and serve at some old-age homes.

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Sagittarius

The Sun transit 2024 for Sagittarius will be in the 5th house, and the Sagittarius natives may witness slow growth during this period. 

Due to Sun transit's results, you will likely feel dissatisfied about your professional life or career. Nevertheless, with patience, this Sun transit will be followed by some gains without fail.

Remedy: Keep reciting the Aditya Hridaya Stotra. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Capricorn

This Sun transit in Aries for Capricorn will be in the 4th house, and the natives must be careful about any differences or conflicts with their superiors at work and their mother. 

You may lack peace during this period. You may be worried about your mother and likely have arguments at home due to the Sun transit and its effects on relationships. It would be best if you tried to meditate as there may be a tendency to feel irritated over petty issues. 

Remedy: Feed bread and jaggery (Gur) to cows on Fridays. You must use good perfume and room fresheners every day. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Aquarius

Aquarius natives during this transit will shine in their social circle with their charisma and excellent interpersonal skills, as the Sun transit 2024 for Aquarius will be in the 3rd house. 

There is a possibility for some short travels, spiritual work, and starting anything new related to higher learning during this time. The people waiting to begin new ventures may find this period ideal. Any financial issues you face must also be resolved during this transit. 

Remedy: Present red flowers at a holy Hanuman Temple on Tuesdays. 

Effects of The Sun Transit in Aries on Pisces

The Sun is transiting through the 2nd house for Pisces, and the natives are expected to worry a little about their wealth and finances. The natives may feel they are not getting enough support from those they count upon. 

Due to the Sun transit's effects, you must be a little careful about your diet and overall well-being. Remember, traveling should be avoided during this period. 

Remedy: Go to Shivalaya (temple of the deity Lord Shiva) every Monday or Thursday.

*Note: These are just generalized predictions for the Sun transit in Aries 2024. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Sun transit effects on your life, feel free to consult Jyotish Siddharth on Astroyogi

The Sun in Vedic Astrology: Here's A Little Glimpse

The Sun in Vedic astrology is a causative planet for one's soul, confidence, ego, purity, and transparency. The individuals blessed with a well-positioned Sun in their chart must thus be confident, pure, transparent, and erudite. An afflicted Sun can induce ego issues,  inward impurity, overconfidence or under-confidence, and lack of transparency. 

If the Sun is debilitated in the chart, one's relationship with one's father may get disturbed since the Sun is representative of one's superiors, bosses, father, and the government. 

In Vedic astrology, the Sun considers the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars its friends. On the other hand, Mercury is neutral, and Venus and Saturn are its enemies. It gets debilitated in the Libra sign, whereas it is exalted in Aries. It gains directional strength in the tenth house of one's chart. 

The Sun is the Lord of the fifth house in the Kalapurusha Chart. The fifth house is associated with the heart, mind, mental inclination, Mantras, and education. It is a causative planet for the first, fifth, and tenth houses of one's chart. Thus, its power guarantees the robustness of these three houses, everything that it denotes, and the houses ruled by it in a chart.

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