Sun Transit in Taurus: Toxicity Will Be A Reality for Some! Will It Be You?

Wed, Apr 03, 2024
Acharya Ved
  By Acharya Ved
Wed, Apr 03, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Acharya Ved
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Sun Transit in Taurus: Toxicity Will Be A Reality for Some! Will It Be You?

The Sun transit in Taurus is set to happen in May 2024. Brace yourself, as this transit will bring transformations like no other. So, dive in. 

Sun Transit in Taurus 2024 Date And Time: Check Below! 

  • Sun transit in Taurus date- 14th May 2024 (Tuesday) 

  • Sun transit in Taurus time- 06:04 PM (IST)

The Sun, or Surya, the king of the planets, will transit from the Aries sign to the Taurus sign on 14th May 2024 and remain in Taurus for a month until 15th June 2024. 

The Sun remains in a particular zodiac sign for roughly a month. It transits through all the zodiac signs in a year. The Sun transit in Taurus will have different results for each zodiac sign because Taurus occupies different houses in the Janam Kundali, or birth chart, of different zodiacs. 

The foremost thing to understand is that the effects of this transit will differ based on the position and condition of the planet in an individual's chart. Suppose the native happens to be going through the Sun's Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantardasha. In that case, there is a good chance that this transit will give better results and affect the natives more.

The Effects of Sun Transit in Taurus 2024: What Can You Expect?  

Let's examine the Sun's transit effects on zodiac signs and what easy remedies you should follow to live a smooth life. 


For Ariens, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will bring achievements when it comes to material prosperity. It will bring wealth through speculations and changes in your value system. 

During the Sun transit in Taurus 2024, you will focus entirely on your finances and values. This will be a favorable transit for organizing your finances and sticking to your core values regarding finance and investments. In fact, acquiring materialistic possessions during this period is just what you need to boost your confidence. 

During this time, there will be a desire for stability, financial security, and satisfaction, but all of these will be achieved by spending your funds, especially for your family. Another positive thing is the return on past investments, which can be high due to speculations. You will be able to book profits and re-invest that money by finding new sources of investments with even higher returns and security. 

Ego clashes with seniors and bosses in the workplace can occur. You might disagree with them upfront, which can lead to toxicity in your work environment, so it is advised to keep calm and choose your words correctly. 

Arrogance is also indicated in your personal life with your spouse or partner, which can lead to heated arguments. The energy levels during this transit will be above average. 

REMEDY- Keep a 7-inch copper Sun in the living room for harmony among your family members. 


For Taureans, the Sun's transit in Taurus will bring self-confidence, vitality, and willpower. Taurus natives will endeavor to attain recognition. 

During the transit, you will be full of confidence and self-esteem, which will help you grow and win in all domains of your life. You will be energetic and full of optimism. You will want to be recognized, as you will have a strong sense of individual identity. You will find new opportunities and growth during this transit. The good thing is that you will be assured and satisfied in your personal and professional space. 

In your professional life, you will be a leader with commanding skills. You will inspire all the colleagues and subordinates in your office, and they will love your plan of action and strategies. 

The Taurus natives involved in business will be able to dominate their field of trade. Miscommunication and misunderstandings between business partners can lead to heated discussions. 

In your personal life, due to the Sun transit and its effects on relationships, you will be more possessive about your family and relationships. The lack of personal space can make your spouse or beloved feel irritated. This may bring more toxicity to the relationship or marriage. 

REMEDY: Focus on experiences or products that bring you joy and enhance your sense of luxury and comfort. 


For Geminis, the Sun's transit in Taurus will bring intuitive thinking, secret emotions, and a lack of energy. 

During this transit, you may need to spend some time secluded or may want to get away from everything, like your work, friends, partner, etc., for a bit. Due to the Sun's transit impact on horoscope, you will become more conscious of your hidden emotions. There will be many things in your life that you will want to keep private, like things happening in your personal life, professional domain, and your subconscious. 

Overall, your stamina and enthusiasm will be low. You won't be able to concentrate on the important aspects of your life. 

In your professional life, there will be a lack of commitment and perseverance for work. Enemies and competitors will try to hamper your reputation and create hurdles in your work. But, their plans won't be successful. However, you may experience laziness and procrastination, which will make your career stagnant and might create detachment from your workplace. 

In your personal life, avoid solitude and share your feelings, inner emotions, and apprehensions with your partner. The lack of personal space can cause irritation and anger, so it is important to share these issues with your partner. Regular walking, exercising, and maintaining a proper diet are necessary during this time. 

REMEDY: Do Surya Namaskar daily in the morning. Also, give something as a gift to your father or any fatherly figure in your family.


For Cancerians, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will lead to a friendship with authoritative people. The Sun transit in Taurus will impact romantic experiences and positive expression at work. 

During this transit, you will filter out people from your life and select friends you can trust. Cancer natives may be introduced to new groups of people at this time or find themselves somehow involved in one group with high authority figures or people with good connections. 

At your workplace, you will exert a great amount of energy in your thoughts and ideas about your future, your goals, and how you want to progress in your career. You will be more confident in your approach to your work and strategies. You will express your plans and commands more positively and authoritatively. 

When Sun transits in Taurus, the natives involved in business will enjoy a good face of trade and be able to connect with people who might help them in their business growth and bring in new profitable deals. 

In your personal life, you might have some negative experiences. You won't be able to connect with and give proper time to your partner. There may be some problems due to your short temper and arrogance. 

The Cancer natives will be more eccentric, which might lead to a short break in their relationship. Married couples will also face minor issues that are negligible. Overall, the energy levels during this transit will be high. 

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REMEDY: Add saffron to your bath water daily. 


For Leos, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will bring a desire for authority and status. It will lead to increased professional responsibilities and commanding skills on the professional front. 

During the Sun transit 2024, you will want to be recognized for your talents and the hard work you have done in the past. This will be a productive and future-oriented time. 

You will work rigorously in the workplace to reach the stage you want to be at in your life. The good thing about this transit is that you will be practical with your approaches and advancements. You will have realistic expectations when it comes to your career prospects. 

Your reputation and fame in the office will increase, and people will now see you as a leader with commanding skills. You may be the center of attention at work during this transit, so enjoy it. Your responsibilities at the office will also increase, as will the workload. It is also indicated that some Leo natives might get benefits from government officials or any government scheme. 

In your personal life, you may become pretty particular about things and irritated very soon if things are not happening according to your choices. Due to the Sun transit and its effects on relationships, your tone might become a bit egoistic, bringing more heat to your relationship and marital life. Overall, your energy levels during the transit will be high. 

REMEDY: Wear red-colored clothes more often or carry a red-colored cloth with you always.


For Virgos, the Sun transit in Taurus 2024 will bring an interest in creative studies. This transit will impact your higher education, increased religious activities, and constant travel. 

During this transit, you will feel optimistic and have the need to explore your life's deeper meaning. You will have an increased interest in religion and religious activities and want to seek deeper knowledge of spirituality and religion. 

Additionally, opportunities for pilgrimage and overseas travel may arise around this time. The students, especially in the fields of law, philosophy, history, and politics, will experience favorable results in this transit. This transit will ensure their success in higher education. 

Due to the Sun transit effects, you will have an increased desire for freedom in your plans and execution in the workspace. You won't like interference from anyone and will be working as a lone wolf. 

In your personal life, you might go on a short trip with your partner or spouse or take religious weekend trips. During this transit, you will experience a cosmic connection with someone, which will satisfy your soul's craving for longing. 

Moreover, you are advised to pay attention to the well-being of your father. Overall, your energy level during the transit will be above average. 

REMEDY: Engage in creative activities stimulating your artistic sensibilities, such as painting, sculpting, writing, or playing music. Also, add saffron to your bath water. 


For Libras, the Sun's transit in Taurus will involve them in joint finances and bring them benefits from speculation. However, the transit will also lead to issues in conjugal life. 

During the transit, you will experience personal empowerment and transformation. At the same time, you will have to deal with issues like ego, lust for power and control, your true inner desires, and past suppressed feelings. 

According to the Sun transit predictions, you will have a change in perspective when it comes to your emotional baggage. Thanks to this transformation, you will also heal your self-destructive tendencies. 

At work, you might have some discussions with your bosses and seniors. The perspectives will not be aligned, and there will be a disconnect, which will bring toxicity to the work environment. You will benefit from your past investments, which may yield good returns. However, you should not invest your money without knowledge and research. 

In their personal life, married natives will encounter issues due to many heated arguments and miscommunication. Their relationship with their in-laws will also suffer, creating more negativity at home. Single natives are advised not to start a relationship during this period. Overall, your energy level during this transit will be below average. 

REMEDY: Start doing Surya Namaskar every morning. Also, incorporate activities like Yoga or jogging, as they can help you release tension and improve your overall well-being.

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For Scorpios, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will lead to an inclination towards business partnerships. This transit will impact your personal relationships and overall personality. 

During the Sun transit in Taurus, you will project an aura of confidence and leadership, drawing people toward you. This will be the best time to go beyond your comfort zone and start socializing. Moreover, you might want to explore life and become more balanced and harmonized with yourself. 

You will be diplomatic at the workplace and use your intuitive abilities to encounter obstacles and hurdles. Natives in business partnerships will be more inclined towards their partners' views. As per the Sun transit results, this will be a favorable time to expand your business and get ahead of your competitors. 

In your personal life, you will be attracted to people with ambitions, high intellect, and principles. A new relationship with lots of positive energy will build up during the period. 

Moreover, you will be charming and charismatic, and your partner or spouse will be more attracted to you than usual. Overall, your energy level during the transit will be high. 

REMEDY: Take up self-care rituals prioritizing pampering and nourishing your body, mind, and soul. This could include skincare routines, hot baths, meditation, or practicing mindfulness. You can also wake up early and perform Surya Namaskar.


For Sagittarians, the Sun transit in Taurus 2024 will bring a positive working environment, favors from superiors, and new wellness regimes. 

During this transit, you will become more conscious of your overall well-being. You might want to start following a healthier diet and a goal-oriented health regime, including physical workouts.

At the workplace, due to the Sun transit impact on the horoscope, you might be in the spotlight due to a recent successful project, and all eyes will be on you. 

You will be enthusiastic and dedicated to taking on more tasks and shining at work. You will focus on details, be more analytical and observant, be more organized, and stick to your deadlines. 

In your personal life, you might be more comfortable being in your personal space and not sharing your feelings and inner emotions with your partner. You will be more irritated and stubborn than usual right now, which will create more negativity in your relationship or married life. The overall energy levels during the transit will be above average. 

REMEDY: Start adding saffron to your bath water. Before leaving the house for work, you must always drink a glass of water with sugar mixed in it.


For Capricorns, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will bring enhanced interest in sports and entertainment, romantic encounters, and seriousness for life aspirations. 

During the Sun transit 2024, you will be expressive and joyful. People will love to be around you. You will be confident, full of liveliness, and playful. You will feel more romantic and focus more on your hobbies. 

Furthermore, your artistic nature will be enhanced, and you will start engaging in group and social activities. 

There will be increased concentration at the workplace as you will be more driven towards your life aspirations and goals. You will be more serious and would like to take advice from your seniors and bosses on how to grow your career. 

In their personal lives, parents will be playful with their children. If the married natives are trying to conceive a baby, this can be a favorable time. Natives in relationships might have some ego clashes with their partners, and the relationship can break. 

Your energy level during the transit will be average. 

REMEDY: Keep a gratitude journal or take a moment every day to reflect on what you're grateful for.


For Aquarians, the Sun transit in Taurus will lead to more initiatives in domestic and family activities. There will be involvement in social activities and an understanding of emotional attitudes. 

During this transit, you may spend more time with your family members, whether at a family get-together or visiting your hometown. You may also be contacted by long-distance relatives you rarely hear from. 

Due to the effects of Sun transit in Taurus, you will also want to understand yourself by diving deep into your psyche and the unconscious. This will be when you focus on your feelings, intuitions, and your emotional core. 

You may reprocess your childhood memories in order to understand your fears and insecurities more. 

You will become closer to your seniors, supervisors, and bosses. You will feel very positive at your workplace and find it to be your home away from home. You might also receive rewards for your past work efforts. 

When it comes to personal life, married natives will spend harmonious time with their spouse's cooperation. Natives in a relationship might introduce their partner to their parents. Marriage proposals might also come for the single natives through their relatives.

Your energy level during the Sun transit in Taurus will be above average. 

REMEDY: Donate red clothes and items like Masoor Dal (Red Lentils) to needy people. 

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For Pisceans, the transit of the Sun in Taurus will bring authority in speech, short trips with siblings, and better self-expression. 

When Sun transit in Taurus, you will be very communicative and willing to express yourself more openly. Even introverts will be more communicative than usual. You might also come out as a very chatty person. 

This is when you will be so curious that you cannot commit to just one task and will be distracted by your inquisitive abilities. 

Your workload will increase at the workplace, and more responsibilities will be assigned to you. Even some tasks you are not ready for might be given to you. But take it as a positive sign and work with wholeheartedness and dedication. 

In your personal life, this will be a perfect time for a heart-to-heart with your partner. You must express all your needs to them. Also, short trips are indicated with the siblings, but make sure you don't act as a leader or manipulate them. The energy levels during the Sun transit 2024 will be quite high. 

REMEDY- Before leaving your home, drink a glass of water with sugar mixed in it.

These are generalized forecasts for the Sun transit in Taurus 2024. However, if you want to learn more about the Sun transit effects on zodiac signs, just turn to Acharya Ved on Astroyogi.

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