Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 - Wedding bells ringing for you.

Fri, Oct 22, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Deepa
Fri, Oct 22, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Deepa
Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 - Wedding bells ringing for you.

Venus is the Karka of Marriage, Love, Relationship, Lust, Wealth, Beauty, Luxurious things, Clothing, Designing, Creativity, Hospitality, Good Food, etc. On 30th October 2021, it will enter in the dual, fiery, and enemy sign Sagittarius, and it will be there up to 8th December 2021. Venus is known as Daitya Guru, and it is transiting to Dev Guru Jupiter's sign. 

People will use their wisdom before investing money in materialistic comfort. The mind will be in a dual state, sometimes one will attract materialistic pleasure, but at the same time, you will feel guilty. 

This transit will affect the 9th House of Kalpurush Kundli. Luck will favour new partnerships in business and marriage. 

Let's analyze the impact of Venus transit 2021 in Sagittarius on different zodiac signs: -

Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Aries

Venus is transiting to your 9th House. It is the House of luck, father, dharma, long journey, and righteousness. Your luck will enhance during this transit. Students' focus will be higher during this period, and they might consider choosing a path followed by the family members in their careers. 

  • It is a good time for people who are single and plan to get married. 

  • Your spouse will bring luck to you. Love birds may convert their relationship into marriage.

  • You will try to accumulate wealth, but family needs or other social welfare work will not allow you to do so.

  • Married couples need to be careful. So, avoid ego and argument for a peaceful environment. 

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Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Taurus

Venus is transiting to your 8th House. It is the House of longevity, the House of transformation, spirituality, inheritance, research, debts, thefts, robberies, and hidden relationships.

  • Bad food habits may create health issues in the long term, so be mindful while eating.

  • Your secretive tendency will increase; you would not like to disclose your plans with others.

  • Love birds will enjoy a romantic time with their partner. Married couples may face sudden arguments.

  • Invested money may be blocked in the market. Businesses will have scarce resources to work properly. So review your business model again to avoid any losses. 

  • Avoid taking loans. Your enemies in secret may conspire against you, so be careful in this period.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Gemini

Planet Venus will transit to your 7th House. It is the House of partnership, marriage, and business for you.

  • Your bonding with your love partner will strengthen, and you will try to convert it into marriage.

  • Your intellectual ability will provide good gains. There is a chance for some people to strike a foreign deal which will bring you big profits. Partnership business will flourish. Simultaneously, it would help if you are alert and keep your finances in check.

  • This transit foretells that the health of your spouse can be affected. So, please take care of their health and make sure you do not ignore any signs. There are high chances of medical expenses during this period.

  • Students planning for foreign education may get a good chance to fulfil their dreams.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Cancer

The Venus transit will occur in your 6th House, the House of enemies, debt, disease, daily chores, service, duty, etc. During this transit, you may feel discomfort; irrespective of that, you will be very dutiful and responsible towards your professional life. 

  • The quality of work will be your prime focus. You would like to deal diplomatically with your enemies.

  • Your friends may become your enemy, so don't rely blindly on anybody. It is not the right time to give negative judgment; otherwise, it may affect your mental peace.

  • Miscommunication may create a breakup in your love life; choose your words carefully.

  • Take care of your mother as excessive pressure can create health issues for her.

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Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Leo

Planet Venus will transit to the 5th House. It is the House of education, intellect, mantra, progeny, fun, hobbies, creativity, romance, gambling, and risk-taking. You may face professional challenges, but your creative ideas and courage will help you to overcome them easily. 

  • Planning and implementation of that plan will give you acknowledgement from your bosses.

  • A short professional journey is possible during this transit.

  • You may focus on enjoyment and entertainment, but overindulgence can harm your study and professional life.

  • This is a good learning period for students, and they could use this time to broaden their horizons. Students looking for scholarships may achieve during this period.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Virgo

Planet Venus will transit to the 4th House. It is the House of mother, comfort, early education, Property, vehicle, and mental peace. It is a supportive transit. You will enjoy materialistic comfort. If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle, it is the right time to do so. 

  • You would buy luxurious items for you and your House, but remember to do it in moderation to avoid financial trouble later down the road.

  • Bonding with mother will strengthen, and it will give happiness and mental peace.

  • People working from home can impress their seniors through their impressive presentation, ideas or work. 

  • Students' learning skills will enhance. Learning will be easy and free-flowing.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Libra

The Venus transit will occur through the 3rd House, the House of courage, communication, short journey, younger siblings, planning, subconscious mind, etc. Communication skills will create good chances to attain financial gains. In the sales profession, you can easily convince people through their diplomatic behaviour and effective presentation skills. 

  • Relationships with younger siblings and neighbours will improve. 

  • Your networking ability will help to create new relationships which will be supportive in the future. 

  • It is a very good time for artistic people. 

  • Your colleagues will acknowledge their work. You may have a short religious journey as well.

  • Married couples will enjoy a romantic life and will get full support from their spouse.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Scorpio

Planet Venus is all set to transit in the 2nd House of your birth chart. It is the House that governs your speech, wealth, and immediate family. You will feel a deep attachment with your family, and you would like to spend quality time with your loved ones.

  • You would like to spend money to buy gems and jewellery.

  • The investment will give you an accumulation of wealth.

  • All your attention will be focused on money and possessions as well as your values.

  • Fortunately, this can be a strong period for gathering new money-making ideas.

  • Single people would have a chance to get married.

  • Businessmen's sweet talk would help them make new clients. Servicemen may get a promotion.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Sagittarius

Venus will transit in your Lagan. Happily, it will be a good time for you. You will focus on self-grooming, and People will be fascinated by your personality. You will enjoy luxuries and comfort.You will make a new plan to improve your income. Competitiveness would be very high. 

  • People who are working in MNC companies may have good gains.

  • People in business will spend money to develop new resources.

  • Your intellectual and judgmental ability will be super high.

  • You can execute your plan successfully.

  • Gains will increase for those in business.

  • Some people may get a promotion in their jobs.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Capricorn

Planet Venus will transit to your 12th House. It is the House that represents your expenses. There are high chances of facing a lot of challenges to manage your expenses. Professional difficulties can create trouble for you. Delay or obstacles in work may hamper your growth. Workload will be very high, and you need proper management skills to maintain it. People planning to change jobs will have a good opportunity to change it. Export and import-related activity will be fruitful.

  • Love birds will enjoy a good time.

  • You will invest most of your money in luxury and entertainment, so please prepare a proper budget and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • This is the right time to rest, rejuvenate, and reform.

  • Such practices will help you to overcome all these challenges.


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Aquarius

Planet Venus is transiting to your 11th House. It is the House of the elder sibling, gain, and fulfilment of desire, social networking. It is a favourable transit for Aquarians.Your luxury and comfort will increase. Your long-awaited desire will be fulfilled. Professionally it is a very fruitful period; you will get name and fame. You will focus on building new social relationships. People you meet will enjoy your company. Finally, social networking will help you to generate new leads in your career. Luck will favour you.

  • Good time ahead if you are in a relationship or are in love.

  • You will have a romantic time and can date more than one person at a time.

  • Your creativity will be super high, and there is a chance of new product creation. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Pisces

Venus is transiting to your 10th House. It is the House of the profession. Your creative side will help you to enjoy more gains and also excel in what you do. It would help if you kept your professional plan confidential. Otherwise, competitors can take advantage and will try to present your idea as theirs. You need extra efforts to get desired success.

  • Your enemies will be in a powerful situation, so better to wait for the right time to fight back.

  • It is a very good time for research scholars; they will come up with better findings.

  • Take very good care of yourself. Otherwise, health-related issues may come to the surface.


By Astro Deepa


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